Aion Patch Note 3.5


1. Tiamat Stronghold

Tiamat Stronghold floats above Tiamaranta's Eye in the center of Tiamaranta as a symbol of Tiamat’s supremacy over its lands. Tiamat is said to have created it by breathing magic into a vortex, creating a mystical fortress with a deafening crash and a burst of blinding light. Until now, it has been inaccessible to Daevas, but the Reians have finally found a way in. The entrances to the Stronghold are in the Elyos and Asmodian Breakouts in Tiamaranta’s Eye, and at the 12 o’clock position of the Eye.

  • Type: Group (6-man)
  • Suggested level: 60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: Resets everyday at 9 a.m., no entry quest
  • Entrance: Eye of Tiamaranta



2. Dragon Lord’s Refuge

The only approach to the lair of the Dragon Lord was a magical passage in the center of Tiamaranta’s Eye, closely guarded by elite Balaur. Recently, Reian wizards have managed to create a magical passage of their own, but it remains in an unstable state, and cannot always be used.
The entrances to the Dragon Lord’s Refuge are at the 3-o'clock and the 9-o'clock directions of the Commander's Room inside Tiamaranta’s Eye.

  • Type: Alliance (12-man)
  • Suggested level: 60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: 1d 16h, no entry quest
  • Entrance: Eye of Tiamaranta




3. Arena of Cooperation

The same organizations that brought you the Arena of Chaos and the Arena of Discipline have now created a tougher challenge that no hero, no matter how skilled, can survive alone. Form a team with one other player and face off against two other teams of two to challenge your teamwork skills.

1. The Arena of Harmony pits three teams of two against each other. The session ends when the time is up, at the end of three rounds, or when one team achieves the winning score. - Players must have an 'Arena of Harmony Ticket' to enter, not a ticket for another arena. - You must be at least level 46 to enter. Entrants are separated into level ranges so that players are competing against others of a similar level.

2. If you are already a member of a group, but your fellow group members’ levels fall into a different level range, you must disband your group in order to compete.

3. The Arena of Harmony can only be entered at designated times, and the Arenas of Chaos and Discipline have had their entry times changed to match that time window. - New times for the Arenas of Chaos, Discipline, and Harmony: 10 noon - 2 p.m. 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.

4. Arena of Harmony Tickets can be earned by completing quests.

5. These tickets last for 7 days before being deleted.

6. If you have several tickets when you enter the arena, the one that expires first will be used.

7. Matches are 3 rounds lasting 3 minutes each. New rounds begin automatically.

8. When a new round begins, or upon resurrection, characters temporarily gain the "Morale Boost" buff . (The buff disappears if you exit the client or log out of the server.)

9. Dead characters resurrect in random places after the Resurrection Wait Time passes.

10. You can chat with group members, but not with opposing teams.

11. The following rules apply to Quick Grouping: - After a certain time elapses Quick Groups will be sent into the arena, even if some groups have insufficient members. - Scores are team-based, so if a player joins after training has begun, they will share the other group member’s score. - If team members leave the arena, their places will be filled by players from the Quick Group queue. Those players will inherit the team scores from the players who left.

12. How to score (and lose) points in the Arena of Harmony: - Members of a team share the same score. Points gained and lost apply to the whole team. - Defeat other players or monsters to gain points. - Activate devices to gain points. - If you are killed by another player, a monster, a device or by falling, you lose points. - In the 3rd round, the members of the leading team will be marked with an emblem. If you defeat them, you can earn even more points. - In the 3rd round, the members of the losing team will receive additional buffs.

13. Arena ranks: - Ranks are determined by points scored. - If two or more teams score the same points, the team that has defeated more players will be placed in the lead.

14. Players who leave the arena during the match or go offline during the final scoring won't get any rewards. - If one team member left but the other remained, rewards will be given to the latter.

15. Players inside the Arena of Harmony can quit by clicking the Stop Training button at the top right of the screen or the Leave Instanced Zone button in the Group Window on the left (note that this will forfeit your rewards).

16. As in the other Arenas, certain skills and items cannot be used in the Arena of Harmony.

17. You can practice for the Arena of Harmony in the Harmony Training Grounds

18. You can re-enter the Arena of Harmony as often as you can within the time limit.

19. The Arena of Harmony has special group rules: - Kicking members out of your group is not allowed. - Items obtained from treasure boxes in the Arena are temporarily tradeable. Other trades are not allowed.

  • Type: 2vs2vs2
  • Suggested level: 46-50, 51-55, 56-60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: Required an Arena Ticket; Weekdays: 10 noon - 2 p.m. 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.; Saturday/Sunday: 12:00a.m.-2:00a.m.



4. Arena of Harmony


  • Type: Up for 4 players; regardless of race
  • Suggested level: 46-50, 51-55, 56-60
  • Reset / Re-entry time: Required an Arena Ticket; Weekdays: 12:00a.m.-2:00p.m., 8:00p.m.-2:00a.m.; Saturday/Sunday: 12:00a.m.-2:00a.m.
  • Rewards: Courage Insignia, Abyss Points




1. Each village in Oriel and Pernon now has a bulletin board offering various tasks, which residents can complete to contribute to the growth and development of their village

  • As a village levels up, its appearance changes, and NPCs appear in the center of the village to sell new kinds of installations to residents.
  • Village merchants sell more items as the village levels up. 
  • The NPC that appears when you perform repeat village tasks disappears after a while.
  • Both residents and non-residents can perform village growth tasks. The quest result is reflected in the village where that quest is completed.

2. Interact with your butler or housing sign to use the Building Renovation option.

  • You can buy a House Exterior Remodeling Ticket from the Village Building Renovation Manager that appears as the village grows.
  • Buy an Exterior Remodeling Ticket appropriate to the type of house that you own.
  • To return the exterior of your house to the original style, you will need another ticket.
  • Changing the exterior of the house resets some of the interior/exterior facilities.
  • Studios cannot be renovated.

3. Added a battlefield return function so that a player can return to where they used the Homeward Bound skill.

  • The button appears next to the "Decorate" button while you are in your house, and becomes active 5 minutes after using Homeward Bound.
  • If you used Homeward Bound in certain areas such as instances where summoning is not possible, the battlefield return function won't be available.

4. The option on the Relationship Crystal to select a friend's house at random, and travel there will now function as “Randomly travel to the house of someone you’ve contacted.” 

  • In this case, “contact” means grouping, sending/receiving whispers, senting mail, and the owners of the houses you’ve visited before.
  • The list of contacts resets after a certain amount of time.

5. Added furniture paint to change the colors of furniture installations.

  • The dyes are available from Dye Plants found across the village as the village grows.
  • Each state in Oriel and Pernon offers different paints.

6. Changed the number of interior furniture installations allowed in Estates and Palaces.

7. Hearthblooms and Guestblooms now grant direct rewards instead of bundles that you have to unwrap.

8. Lowered the prices of some installations sold by Furniture Merchants.

9. Added items for sale by the furniture merchant in the Residential Shopping Areas of Oriel and Pernon.

  • Among the new items for sale, the Practical Wood Cabinet and the Practical Salix Wood Cabinet don't share storage space with the existing cabinets. 

10. Reward effects now correctly apply according to housing level on the Fast-Track Server.

11. House information now appears on the profile window while on the Fast-Track Server.

  • You still cannot check Maintenance status from the Fast-Track Server. 

12. Guestbloom and Hearthbloom merchants in Oriel and Pernon area sell new type of Guestbloom that gives crafting materials.

13. Added new Legion Emblem Flags which can be installed outside houses.

14. Added special effects that appear on furniture installations while applying them in Decorate Mode. 15. Installations are now semi-transparent while being moved in Decorate Mode.

16. Added more functions to housing scripts.

  • Use <Ctrl+Z> to undo changes, and <Ctrl+Shift+Z> to redo.
  • Scripting keywords now appear highlighted in different colors.

17. Soul Sickness will now always be correctly removed when logging out in higher level houses, as the reward states.

18. The Struck by Lightning greeting motion in the housing script now plays correctly in Estates and Palaces.

19. Fixed the furniture installations that turned into NPCs for no reason.

20. The house owner name will now update correctly when a character’s name is changed.

21. House signs now point in the right direction.

22.Land Grade now displays in the Legion window.

23. Fixed a bug where buildings were put up for auction for no reason when it wasn't the time for auctions.

24. Limited use Hearthblooms are available for everyone.


1. Added raids to Theobomos and Brusthonin via new Dimensional Vortexes.

2. Fixed a bug where the client would close suddenly when a player accessed it under certain circumstances.

3. Fixed the problem that some treasure boxes in Gurriki Grotto in Tiamaranta couldn't be picked up.

4. Fixed the incorrect installation of Kisks near the Asmodian entrance to Tiamaranta's Eye.

5. Modified some terrain in Argent Manor.

6. Modified some terrain in Rentus Base.

7. Added rifts in Inggison and Gelkmaros.

8. Added NPCs near rift exitsto guard them. Defeat the guards to get Mithril Medals and Major Ancient Crowns.

9. Added many new flight routes for more convenient travel.

10. The new camps have Obelisks, Soul Healers, and other useful NPCs.

11.. Kisks can no longer installed in an abnormal position near the Hero’s Discus in Sarpan.

12. Modified some terrain in Sunset Coast Village in Oriel.

13. Modified some terrain in the Inner Ring of Tiamaranata's Eye.

14. Fixed an issue where players were moved to an odd location if Source sieges began while they were riding the Zephyr Stream in Tiamaranta.


Those who have undertaken the Crucible Challenge may be familiar with the Crucible Rift that appears when Vanktrist Spacetwine, the final enemy, is defeated. After an extensive investigation, both factions have discovered that the rift leads to a strange place connecting Elysea, Asmodae, and Balaurea. Suddenly, Theobomos and Brusthonin areas which were not previously accessible to the unfriendly faction, are vulnerable. Research centers in Sanctum and Pandaemonium have just finished prototypes to reproduce the circumstances that created this rift, and are ready to test them at the Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory. It doesn’t hurt that this provides an opportunity to carry out dangerous

missions in enemy territory. The first mission for the Elyos is to rescue the Griffon's Claw Legion who are stranded in Brusthonin, and to drive out some of the Asmodians. The Asmodians, meanwhile, are attempting to hunt down and terminate Jamanok, who turned traitor, stole important data, and ran to Theobomos in Elysea.

1. Elyos can travel to Brusthonin and the Asmodians to Theobomos through a Dimensional Vortex.

2. The Vortex is active for 2 hours, from 10 p.m. to midnight every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

3. After two hours, or if the defense manages to destroy the attackers’ Rift Generator, the Vortex closes.

4. When the vortex closes, any attackers still in enemy territory will teleport back to the Academy/Priory where they began.


1. Attackers can travel to the enemy zone through Pilot Dimensional Vortexes in Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory.

2. Dimensional Vortexes are open to Daevas level 45 and up.

3. An alliance of up to 24 members can travel through a given Dimensional Votex. If anyone leaves the battlefield by returning to their home turf or by quitting the game, they can be replaced by new members.

4. By traveling to the enemy zone, players automatically leave their original group or alliance and join the raid alliance.

5. Members cannot be invited to or kicked from the raid alliance.

6. The raid alliance has fixed loot distribution settings which cannot be changed.

7. Upon exiting the raid zone, you are removed from the raid alliance and returned to the entrance.

8. Players cannot install Kisks in the raid zone, but can still use Kisks they are already bound to.

9. When a player is killed during the raid, they will be resurrected at the raid starting point, not at an Obelisk.


1. When a Dimensional Vortex is activated and you move inside the range of the raid, you can choose whether or not to join the defending alliance.

2. If you choose not to join the alliance, you'll be alerted every 10 minutes with more opportunities to join in. - You can perform a defense mission even when you join a group or alliance temporarily. - The defending alliance can use all functions available for the normal alliance. - When a member of the defending alliance moves to another area, that member will be automatically withdrawn from the alliance.


1. Supplements (Mythic) and Lesser Supplements (Mythic) are now available from Special Ordnance Quartermasters in Balaurea.

2. Greater Supplements are available in Tiamat Stronghold and the Dragon Lord’s Refuge.

3. Added new craftable designs for the crafting skills, purchasable from the Wrights of Dawn in Sanctum and Oriel, or the Shapers of Dusk in Pandaemonium and Pernon. They cost Wright’s/Shaper’s Tokens to purchase.

4. Changed the icons of buff scrolls for easier recognition. - The scroll icons used in Kaisinel Academy, Marchutan Priory, and the Coliseum Training Grounds remain unchanged.

5. Changed the icons of godstones and debuff items for easier recognition. - The background colors of the icons vary according to the item grade. The debuff items’ icons look identical to Heroic items.

6. Added images to Stigma icons so that players can easily identify their skills.

7. Added enchantment level information to the tooltips for weapons and armor.

8. Abyss equipment of level 50 and below can now be stored in the Account Warehouse.

9. Greater Skill Book Merchants now sell lower level Skill Books.

10. Changed the appearance properties of some equipment items. - Affected Items: Tahabata, Kahrun, Vasharti, Sunayaka equipment sets - Changes: Appearance can now be modified, appearance extraction cannot be repeated.

11. Construction Flux now have a chance to come from the gatherable items in Oriel and Pernon.

12. Increased the drop rate of some of the Superior manastones.

13. Increased the item drop rate of some monsters in Silentera Canyon.

14. The Golden Treasure Box that appears in the Left Wing Chamber will now correctly disappear after the time expires. Its location has also been changed.

15. Fixed the problem that the Steel Rake Captain’s Hat couldn't be dyed.

16. Corrected the information in the tooltip description for the Charming Liconsis Flower Pail.

17. Corrected the prices of some items at shops.

18. Only the current enchantment level will now display in the weapon and armor item tooltips.

19. Fixed the abnormal icons in the Goods Awaiting Collection.

20. Fixed the problem that the Asmodians were given Crucible Insignia which are no longer used in the game when opening the [Event] Crucible Insignia Bundle.

21. Fixed the set effects of the Level 60 Daevanion Armor.

22. Fixed the abnormal appearances of some weapons and armor.

23. Added Mythic weapon and shield items and Eternal extendable weapon items, available in the Dragon Lord’s Refuge.

24. Increased the boost effects of the following items from 20% to 30%:
- Empyrean Crucible Boost Pack
- Crucible Coliseum Boost Pack
- Crucible Challenge Boost Pack
- AP Boost Pack
- Value Boost Pack (AP and Crucible boosts)



1. Added new campaign quests in Sarpan and Tiamaranta. Completing the quest "The Oldest of Foes" automatically makes the new ones available.

2. Added a Level 60 Daevanion weapon quest. Complete "The Shining Spear" (Elyos) or “The Shadow Spear” (Asmodian) to obtain the starting quest.

3. Changed some details of the Level 50 and 60 Daevanion quests.

  • The quest for the level 50 armor is now available starting at level 45.
  • The quest for the level 60 armor is now available starting at level 55.
  • Removed prerequisites for the Level 60 Daevanion armor quest.
  • The level 60 Daevanion armor quest now grants Fragrant Energy, a gatherable item for "A Tribute for All Seasons".

4. Added new quests for the Tiamat Stronghold and Dragon Lord’s Refuge instances. They are available from multiple NPCs inside and outside the instances.

5. Added new quests related to Dimensional Vortexes.

  • As well as being available from NPCs in the attacking and defending camps, they pop up automatically when players enter a specific area.

6. Enabled the existing Arena PvP quests in the new Arenas of Harmony and Glory.

7. Added quests granting a special title for every 10th win in the Arena of Glory. Quests are available starting at level 56 from Shinin (Asmodian NPC) and Junos (Elyos NPC). The quests names, titles, and stats are the same for both factions.

8. Added quests to direct players from lower level Class Preceptors in the capital cities to the higher level ones in the Convent of Marchutan and Cloister of Kaisinel, who sell the level 51+ Skill Books.

9. Added quests related to Nochsana Training Camp in the areas that now connect to the instance: Eltnen in Elysea and Morheim in Asmodae.

10. Changed the details of some crafting quests.

  • Changed the number of materials needed to craft a spellbook during the Alchemy Expert/Alchemy Master quest.
  • Changed the number of materials needed to craft furniture during the Construction crafting quest.

11. Quests that give Kahrun’s Symbols as rewards now give out more symbols.

12. Quests granting Mithril Medals now give out more medals.

13. The "[Service/Daily/Group] Be Quiet!" quest for the Elyos and the "[Service/Daily/Group] Making Noise" quest for the Asmodians can now be repeated a maximum 30 times.

14. Changed the details of the quests in certain fortresses that give Platinum Medals as rewards.

  • Decreased the number of quest items, dropped by monsters, which are required.
  • Enabled group members to share these items.

15. Changed the details of some campaign quests.

  • Deleted the prerequisite quests for certain campaign quests.
  • Decreased the number of items you need to gather for certain campaign quests.
  • Lowered the level of monsters that must be hunted for some campaign quests.
  • Allowed players to enter campaign quest group instances while solo.
  • Added an automatic teleport that takes players to the NPC for the next step in some campaign quests:

16. The Calydon Candy rewarded by the Elyos quest "The Calydon Ruins" can now be used repeatedly throughout the quest stage that requires it.

17. The quest tracker now updates the number of quest items collected when they are taken out of the warehouse separately.

18. Fixed certain quests that didn’t update to the next stage when one stage was complete.

19. Fixed the problem that when Asmodians complete the "[Coin/Group] Trials By Fire" and "[Coin/Group] Deep Six RM-78c" quests, the reward items, Silver Coin and Silver Coin Box, are displayed as Elyos items.

20. Fixed issues with the transparent map while adding quests to the quest tracker.

  • The quest location is now indicated on the map.
  • The tooltip now displays correctly when the cursor is on the quest indicator.

21. Added guide quests encouraging players to move between the Fast-Track Server and the Standard Server.

22. Added new quests for the "Unstable Abyssal Splinter" instance.

23. Changed some of the daily quests to weekly quests.

24. Added Summon Helper Items to some missions.

25. Fixed the Cloaker object so that it drops the Reverse Field Control Device during the "[Group] Advanced Technology of the Balaur" quest (Elyos) and the "[Group] Advanced Technology of Shulack" quest (Asmodian).



1. An entrance to Silentera Canyon now appears when you possess any of your faction’s camps in Balaurea.

2. Players who haven’t logged in for 30 days or more will be removed from the Abyss Rankings.

3. Improved the rewards for successful attack or defense of a fortress.

  • Upgraded rewards, including kinah, given to the brigade general of a legion that succeeds in defending an occupied fortress.

  • Added new reward items for the entire legion who successfully defends an occupied fortress.
  • Legion rewards which could previously br bought using Medals can now come from a Siege Defense Reward Box.
  • The Fortress Siege Defense Bundle contains a variety of consumables.
  • The Seal Ring is an Eternal ring (7-day) given exclusively to the brigade general.


1. Raised the maximum legion level from 5 to 8

  • The legion must satisfy cost, player, and contribution requirements for advancement. (The Kinah requirement may be adjusted slightly according to tax.)


  • Leveling up the legion also increases the maximum number of legionaries and Legion Warehouse slots:

2. Added new legion tasks.

  • Legion tasks are available at legion level 5 or higher.
  • Legion Tasks are comprised of multiple sub-quests. All quests performed by legionaries will count toward the given tasks.
  • When the tasks are completed, the entire legion will be rewarded with general rewards, and each player with personal rewards according to their contributions.
  • Legion Coins are up for grabs by completing Legion Tasks and their sub-quests.
  • Note that the Legion Tasks are not available on the Fast-Track Server.

3. Legions of level 6 and higher can buy items from the legion item merchant (Elyos: Famien/ Asmodians: Skan) with Legion Coins obtained by completing Legion Tasks and quests.

4. Added a new effect that shows under player characters as their legion's level increases.



1. Added new mounts.

2. Mounts that cannot be sold to merchants can now be destroyed.
3. Fixed problems with the appearance of some mounts.
4. Mounts cannot be used in the Silentera Canyon area.


1. Brusthonin and Theombos were added to Common Server feature. Players can use Adma Stronghold and Theombos Labs same as on „normal” servers.
2. Players can add to friend list and block others while on common servers.



1. You can now add offline characters to your friends list 

  • Use the Find Friend window to add them, just as you would online characters.
  • A player who receives an offline friend request can accept it, reject it, or block the sender.
  • A record of offline friend requests can be found under Find Friend > Friend Requests.
  • This feature is available only on Standard Servers.

2. Players can now add or block characters from a different Standard Server while they are both logged into the Fast-Track Server.

3. Characters on the same account and the same server can now share a block list.

  • To import a block list, log in first with the character that has the block list and then with the destination character.
  • Click the [Import] button on the bottom left of the Block tab in the Find Friend window to open the Display Blocked List menu.
  • Names that the destination character has already blocked will not show up.

4. Added a new emoticon input window.

  • Click the smiley icon on the right of the chat window to open the emoticon list.


5. You can now set Personal Status by choosing a target in the alliance window.

  • Select a target in the Alliance Window, and then right-click the mouse to show the context menu. Select “Set Personal Status.”
  • You can zoom in and out in the status window of a target whose Personal Status is activated.

6. Changed the display format of alert messages shown at the top center of the screen.

7. Changed the Server Selection window so that users can toggle between the Standard Server and the Fast-Track Server.

8. Abyss Points can now be checked on the Abyss tab in your Profile while on the Fast-Track Server.

9. Added an option to display the cooldown times on skill and item icons in the quickbar.

  • Enable or disable it under Options - Game Options - User Interface.


10. Improved how flight destinations are displayed on the Flight Transportation/Teleportation window.

  • Unavailable destinations are reduced in size.
  • Available destinations are enlarged.

11. Selecting Clear Tab from the Chat Preferences menu in the chat window will now delete all text from that tab.

12. Added a reconnect button to log back into the server immediately when you are disconnected for being AFK.

13. Added a Logout button to the Menu that takes you directly to the login screen. (The previous Logout button, which took you to character selection, is renamed Characters.)
14. Changed how the quickbar displays skills and items that have become unavailable.

  • The icon appears deactivated.
  • The tooltip is grayed-out.
  • Examples of skills that this applies to would be Stigma skills that have been unequipped, temporary skills that have expired, and skills that are only usable in certain areas.
  • You can click and drag the deactivated skills to delete them or change their positions within the Quickbar.
  • When a deactivated skill becomes available again, its icon is also activated.

15. Fixed a problem when logging back into the server after socketing a manastone in an armsfused weapon, where the manastone stats were not correctly applied.

16. Using the Pathfinding function to locate the Teleport Stone Statue for the Elyos to enter Draupnir Cave will now return the correct location.

17. Group emblems are now displayed after teleportation.

18. Added new Teleporter NPCs in Reshanta, Sarpan, and Tiamaranta.

19. Fixed the display of the Mailbox - Goods Awaiting Collection menu.

20. Fixed the incorrect alignment of the Ascension Mark and Veteran Mark items.

21. Shortened the input required when destroying certain items from “Confirm Destruction” to “Confirm”.

22. Fixed the layout problem when displaying housing information.

23. Fixed the abnormal execution of Chain Skills registered to the floating quickbars.

24. Increased the maximum number of skill icons to be in the Chain Skill indicator from 6 to 12.