Hello everybody! Gameforge has released another info/video on 3.0. After news of mount, today we will talk about Housing in Aion.






 From site web Gameforge:


One of the remarkable features in the upcoming update 3.0 for AION is the Housing system.

This feature adds a huge social aspect to the game and gives players the opportunity to individualise their characters even more.

Each player has the possibility to receive a small studio flat which will remain permantenly available to the character. The license to for your own studio flat, as well as a possible future house can be obtained by starting the questline at respective main cities at Level 21. Speak with Randiten (Asmodian) or Harinus (Elyos) to start the quest.

You will be able to bid on a more luxurious house via the Real Estate Auctioneer at the central plaza of either Pernon (Asmodian) or Oriel (Elyos). With a little bit of luck, you will be the happy owner of a Palace, Estate, Mansion or a normal House. Who knows?


Once you are in possession of your own house, you will be able to experience the full potential of the Housing system. Here are the main features you will be able to enjoy:


Exterior decoration

Ever wanted a small garden? Wooden planks or stone bricks as facades with a blue roof and white fences? Placing exterior decoration makes it possible to own the house of your dreams. Every type of estate will provide various possibilities to add exterior decoration.


 Interior decoration

Show your marvelous taste in furniture and interior decoration. There are several furniture sets to make your new place a wonderful home you want to stay in.


Orb of Relation

Show your new place to your friends. Invite them over and show them around. The Orb of Relation makes it possible if you want to keep your house private and only accessable for your friends.


Furniture Storage

Furnitures like dressers have the possibility to store your items and serve as an additional warehouse.


NPCs in your house

Each house and studio flat comes with a stat of the art butler. Your butler provides you with options to change settings in your house, manage the maintenance costs of your building and more. You can also obtain NPCs that work as for example a Warehouse Manager or a General Goods Merchant. Contracts to obtain these NPCs can be bought at the plaza.


>Obtaining furnitures, plants and decorations

A lot of furniture can be purchased from the Residential Facility Merchant, House Manager, Furniture Merchant, and other NPCs in the villages.

Some furniture can also be crafted. Rugs and carpets can be made by tailors for example, while other items can be created by by learning the new crafting ability that specializes on creating furniture and decoration. Additionally, special decorative items can also be obtained from solving quests or are dropped from monsters.

Alternatively, there is the possibility to obtain furniture by exchanging Guestpetals for furniture and decoration. If you have a friend with a Guestbloom in place, fertilize it with fertilizer from your butler’s daily quest and obtain Guestpetals as reward. Collect and exchange them at the Guestpetal Exchanger and claim your furnitures and decorations.

To give you some impressions of this incredible new feature, we have created a new trailer episode about the upcoming 3.0 content update. Check it out!